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ProVision For Life


We provide a broad range of services to bring solutions to our executive and personal clients. 


We provide personal coaching in leadership development, personality profiling, and employ a variety of other tools to assist with understanding your current situation or condition in new, eye-opening ways.  With this new information, we assist you with solutions that provide real results, and in some cases a network of like-minded solution providers who work with us to ensure our clients are satisfied. 


We seek to understand your personal needs, and take your life seriously, because you only have one here on earth.  We hope to meet or exceed your expectations, needs and requirements.




Your EXECUTIVE coach helps you experience more options in your decision-making as we leverage our experience and training to meet your "pain points" with clear, focused solutions with clear targets & expectations.


Whether you need assistance in sorting out your creative ideas with someone as a sounding board, need an independent consultant to access your current situation or organization, we bring an array of resourcing (our network of solution-minded team of experts) to bring solutions to the table for your to select, pilot, and fully implement when you are ready to execute your plan.


Some of the executive business & personal solutions we provide are:


  • Personal Profiling and Organizational Assessments & Evaluations

  • Development & Execution

  • Leadership Development

  • One-On-One Executive Coaching

  • Personal Effectiveness & Analysis

  • Strategic Planning

  • System Implementation

  • Succession Planning

  • Team Coaching & Training

  • Retreats & Seminars

  • Workshops (Custom)



Your LIFE coach helps you encounter more peace and satisfaction in your life by addressing the areas where you have been in pain, unfulfilled, blocked, or another need that has affected you the current outcomes in four areas:


  • Spiritual

  • Emotional

  • Mental

  • Physical

  • Every Opportunity

  • Relational

  • Financial

  • Individual (Personal Ownership)


We seek to support you as you "change your status" or way of thinking, because what you are experiencing is not working for you anymore, even if life is great in:


  • Career/Job Search/Job Loss

  • Healthy Relating/Managing Family Dysfunction

  • Social Skills/Friendships/Increasing Your Influence

  • Emotional/Mental/Physical Health

  • Financial Decision-Making

  • Personal Development/Inner Healing & Freedom


We will brain-storm with you about possible or potential solutions for you to select, and be in agreement to implement at your pace.


We will recommend and support your active work on solutions where we have witnessed our other current clients experience tremendous results, but your solutions will be customized for you and your situation.


We will pray for you and with you and ask God to His assistance to bring change to your circumstances, including new opportunities in new ways.  We will stand with you for your needs to be met and God's best comes about in your life.


Our resourcing may assist you to overcome a tragedy or trauma in your time of need, like the love of life or limb, a transitioning career or job loss, a financial or real estate consultation, and another area of your life.


Offering God's healing touch in helping you overcome the loss of a loved one, a job, a home, a friendship and other important areas of your life.


  • Personal Life Coaching.

  • Ministry Coaching and Training

  • Healing the Brokenhearted

  • Intercession and Prophetic Ministry

  • Overcoming Grief and Loss

Email us TODAY to schedule an Introductory FREE 2-hour Executive Consult or Personal Life Session

(a $300 value)


Bringing FOCUS to Life.


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